Restone Maharishi Ayurveda Tablet - Supports Menstrual Health
  • Restone Maharishi Ayurveda Tablet - Supports Menstrual Health

Restone Maharishi Ayurveda Tablet - Supports Menstrual Health

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Restone Maharishi Ayurveda - Support Menstrual Health

Category: Restoractive Revitalzer for Ladies

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Restone Maharishi Ayurveda Tablet, Support Menstrual Health

Restone Maharishi Ayurveda Description:

Restone Maharishi Ayurveda is expertly chosen by Ayurvedic doctors to offer a safe, effective solution for women's health issues. Doctor says it's safe and highly recommended. Try it for at least three months to observe noticeable improvements in your physique. There are no negative effects and these tablets are herbal. As a result, you can eat them for an extended length of time without worrying about negative effects.

Restone Maharishi Ayurveda Indication:

·         Its well-balanced formulation of Rasayanas may help with menstrual cycle regulation, hormone balance, PCOD, and timely onset of natural periods.

·         It might reduce tension and agitation brought on by improper hormone levels.

·         Made with more than fifteen powerful herbs, it could Enhances metabolism and digestion.

·         It has the ability to cleanse blood and remove toxins from the reproductive system, managing the underlying cause of PCOSL HEALTH.

Restone Maharishi Ayurveda Key Ingredients:

 Ashoka: It is beneficial in treating vaginal discharge, irregular bleeding, menstrual cycle imbalance, and uterine diseases.

Shatavari: It may assist in controlling the flow and rhythm of the menstrual cycle.

 Lodhra : Concerns about increased vaginal discharge, heavy monthly bleeding, and other female health issues can be managed with the aid of lodhra.

Peepal: It can improve skin and digestion in harmony.

Nagarmotha: It is a blood-stream-penetrating herb that Helps treat women's depression, late periods, irregular menstruation, and menstrual pain.

Safe Chandan: It may assist in reducing hot flashes, nocturnal sweats, and burning sensations that are associated with the menopause in women.

Restone Maharishi Ayurveda Dosage:

1 or 2 pills to be taken per day after meals, or as directed by the physician.

Restone Maharishi Ayurveda Packaging:

120 tablets

 Restone Maharishi Ayurveda Expiry: 3 years from the date of manufacturing.

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