Shipping cost for purchases:
From 2 Euro – 11.20 Euro – 4.50 Euro
from 11.30 Euro – 44.40 Euro  - 2.20 Euro
above 44.50 Euro onwards  - free

Shipping Carrier:
In order to keep the transport costs reasonable, all the ordered products are shipped by India Post with  Air Registered Post”.  This service allows to check the current status of the packet -online.  The packet in the  receiving country is delivered by the national postal carrier of that particular country, with whom India Post has partner agreements throughout the world.  

Shipping time:
The shipment is sent to the post office within 2-3 business days of receiving the payment. The shipping number is sent to the customer via email, which is helpful in checking the online status of the packet.

Delivery time:
All ordered products are shipped directly from India to the customer's specified address in any part of the world. The delivery time depends on the activity of two postal services  - the India Post and the National Postal carrier of any particular country. In normal situation, it usually takes  10 to 18 working days to reach the packet to any destination. In exceptional situations, such as pandemic, holidays or extreme weather conditions, this time may be extended.

Announcement from 01.07.2021 for EU Countries:
Due to the entry of the new EU law on foreign parcels, Customs services in any receiving EU country, inspects all shipments from abroad and may ask for information from the buyer in order to impose duty and tax. According to them, goods with a value of more than 150 Euros are subject to pay customs duty. On the other hand, parcels of lesser value are subject only to Postal charges (differs in each country) and  VAT (differs in each country). This results from Article 23 of Council Regulation (EC) No. 1186/2009.

All shipments from India (and other countries outside EU) regardless of purchase value are subject to customs clearance. Customs clearance is carried out by the National  Postal Services  of every country, and the packets are delivered by the Postman.

The following payment methods are possible:
(a) wire transfer - a payment method for those who prefer to log on to an online bank by themselves, visit a bank branch or post office. After placing the order, you will receive an email with the bank account number to which you should transfer the order value. As soon as the payment is credited to the bank account, the order is prepared for shipment. It is advisable to send confirmation of the transfer by e-mail:  or

b) Paypal online transfer  - the possibility of payment in Euro and USD.